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Christmas Facts

We all know these Christmas facts but do we really know the whole story behind these terms that we use all the time. Check out the Christmas terms inside and get the entire backstory.

Halloween Facts

Halloween has become popular again after having survived the worries of “poison” candy back in the 1970’s. Here’s a little background info in case you were wondering about All Saints Day, Halloween and all the spooky elements that go along with it. History of Halloween Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in America and […]

Hierarchy of Angels

The hierarchy of angels is a traditional Christian conception of the great chain of being, elaborated in the Middle Ages and given its popular form by Jacobus de Voragine’s “The Golden Legend”. The first three ranks are Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These are followed by Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities (or Potentates), Archangels and Angels. Seraphim […]

Christmas Countdown Clock

It’s only a few more days until the big day! Are you ready for Christmas? Even though it will be here before we know it, there is still time to get your house in order and make sure Santa knows where to find all of your goodies. The countdown clock on this blog post tells […]